A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Why risk going into a haunted house when you can send a robot instead? Pilot a remote control drone through a house in order to seal the haunted objects within.

A short game made for ToJam13. Additional content & polish added post-jam.Highly recommended to play on highest possible graphical settings. 

Updated as of Sept 14! Several major bugs fixed and a few lil' changes made. Thanks everyone who's played it so far, it's been great to see the reactions :D

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorBrenden Cameron
GenreSimulation, Puzzle


Poltergeist Disposal Unit - Windows.zip 38 MB
Poltergeist Disposal Unit - Mac.zip 45 MB


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Gave it a go...

This is a fun little game with a unique concept, really enjoyed seeing things from the drones perspective. Would be interesting to see an extended game or  prehaps a series of games based around the PDU.


This was a fun game, interesting concept! Had a heck of a time finding the last doll hahaha! 

This is a nice little game, I'd enjoy it if there were possibly more spookos and levels, but what it is is still very nice! 

This was amazing! Definitly unique! I would love to play more levels if you were to release them! 

Wise choice, why do we keep sending humans into the fray.

Enjoy all the fun of catching and getting spooked by ghosts without any of the DANGER, it perfect.

The cameras have to be my favourite part I didn't initially realise you can switch between the main and the arm camera, the arm camera really adds to the spook when you get those dolls.

Had a fun time with this game!Would love to see other other PDUs, not nessesarily just like this, but I love the idea of like a paranormal police force! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

I would actually like to see a fuller game. With some actual scares and more of a story line. I thought this was a really cool and fun idea. Check out my let’s play ! 

Poltergeist Disposal Unit is a game that looks like it has a unique style and mechanic, but you don't think it will be that good right? WRONG! This game is so darn cool. I'm so happy I found this game buried in a sea of average Indie games. Well done Dev. I really hope you have more like this in the works? 

very nice.

Great concept, and execution! I feel like everything that was done made the game's feel that much more intense.

I can't imagine this being expanded upon, but I hope you keep creating games! Great job!

What happens when Poltergeist Disposal Unit Robots are lost in the endless void? We must mourn the lost so they are not forgotten.

But seriously I loved the idea, so unique and controls were really fluid. Got a bit annoyed at the maze part but everything else was great. Thanks so much for making this.

This was pretty fun and I would like to see more.

pretty cool game really like the robot idea but it needs more creep factor i can see a lot of great things with this game and some super scary ghost scares  alone with it cant wait for more!

This was a very pretty game! I absolutely loved the idea behind it and the mechanics were awesome and unique. The atmosphere was incredibly spooky and everything all the way down to the sounds that the drone made were terrifying at some points. The puzzles were pretty cool, and I really enjoyed the whole mind-bending aspect of scenery changing behind you when you turn away. The only thing I could find that was negative about this game was the graphics settings. No matter how low I went in the Unity startup window, they always seemed to stay the same. It'd be cool to get updated graphics settings so lower end PCs could run this a tad easier. Otherise, I loved it! Awesome visuals, awesome sounds, awesome mechanics and story. I definitely enjoyed this. Thanks for making it! 

I love the premise for this game! I know it was a jam game, but I actually really hope you expand on it, I see a lot of potential here.

Who are you gonna call? GhostBusters! Interesting concept as well.

Amazing and fresh concept!!! Overall a very impressive game!!!

Hi Brenden, loved your game, what a brilliant crazy idea! You just need a jump scare in there somewhere to put the cherry on the cake! I make videos of games I like on Itch, I included your game this week I hope you don't mind. Good luck!

Excellent concept, I just wish there were more missions! I love the idea of taking a scientific or disposal approach to paranormal activities. I would like to see more puzzles and poltergeist occurrences as well. I can't wait for more from this developer!

Check out my full gameplay video below!