A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Why risk going into a haunted house when you can send a robot instead? Pilot a remote control drone through a house in order to seal the haunted objects within.

A short game made for ToJam13. Additional content & polish added post-jam.

Highly recommended to play on highest possible graphical settings. Still a lot left to optimize and a few known bugs I'll be fixing (especially: backup robot's janky arm).

Published 12 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorBrenden Cameron
GenreSimulation, Puzzle


Poltergeist Disposal Unit - PC.zip 32 MB
Poltergeist Disposal Unit - MAC.zip 39 MB
Poltergeist Disposal Unit - JAM BUILD.zip 30 MB


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pretty cool game really like the robot idea but it needs more creep factor i can see a lot of great things with this game and some super scary ghost scares  alone with it cant wait for more!

This was a very pretty game! I absolutely loved the idea behind it and the mechanics were awesome and unique. The atmosphere was incredibly spooky and everything all the way down to the sounds that the drone made were terrifying at some points. The puzzles were pretty cool, and I really enjoyed the whole mind-bending aspect of scenery changing behind you when you turn away. The only thing I could find that was negative about this game was the graphics settings. No matter how low I went in the Unity startup window, they always seemed to stay the same. It'd be cool to get updated graphics settings so lower end PCs could run this a tad easier. Otherise, I loved it! Awesome visuals, awesome sounds, awesome mechanics and story. I definitely enjoyed this. Thanks for making it! 

Very unique game alot of fun would be cool to see more levels the controls were good and the rooms changing were just epic overall loved it thanks

I love the premise for this game! I know it was a jam game, but I actually really hope you expand on it, I see a lot of potential here.

A concept of game I haven't seen that much of. The controls are responsive and there were some genuinely surprising moments during gameplay. A good system and a good game if an enthusiast of the paranormal.

Who are you gonna call? GhostBusters! Interesting concept as well.

Amazing and fresh concept!!! Overall a very impressive game!!!

Hi Brenden, loved your game, what a brilliant crazy idea! You just need a jump scare in there somewhere to put the cherry on the cake! I make videos of games I like on Itch, I included your game this week I hope you don't mind. Good luck!

Excellent concept, I just wish there were more missions! I love the idea of taking a scientific or disposal approach to paranormal activities. I would like to see more puzzles and poltergeist occurrences as well. I can't wait for more from this developer!

Check out my full gameplay video below!